Used Lacrosse Gear in Concord New Hampshire

Used Lacrosse Equipment in Concord NH

From Capital Sporting Goods: Serving Athletes of all Ages with the Best Used Equipment

Whether you have a young athlete getting into the sport or you're looking to pick up some inexpensive equipment for yourself, used equipment can often be the best choice. Especially with young athletes, equipment like cleats and pads are outgrown long before they've seen their last day on the field. In many cases, lacrosse equipment is thrown away or forgotten in storage while it's still practically new. Fortunately for Concord area athletes, that's where Capital Sporting Goods comes in.

With many of the top brands available and comprehensive cleaning and maintenance applied to every piece of gear, Capital Sporting Goods is here to be your first stop for all of the used lacrosse equipment you need. From shafts and heads to cleats, pads, and goalie gear -- there's a good chance that we have exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost you'd find at a major sporting goods store (or even online). Call, visit, or email us today to get the latest information on what we currently have in stock.

Why So Many Families Choose Capital Sporting Goods for their Used Equipment

At Capital Sporting Goods, we've been in the business of gearing up Concord's athletes for years. When it comes to used Lacrosse equipment you can count on us to offer inexpensive gear from some of the best brands like STX, Brine, Warrior, and more. But don't think we offer just any equipment. Families from the capital area continue to choose us because of our commitment to offering used lacrosse equipment that's been carefully inspected, repaired, and cleaned. If we wouldn't use it, we won't sell it.

Buy and Trade for Greater Savings

In addition to offering a wide variety of lacrosse equipment for players of every level, we also welcome trade-ins and consignment to make getting good quality used equipment an even greater bargain. Far too many parents and families feel the sting of having to constantly purchase new equipment for a growing athlete. By offering trade-ins and consignment for all kinds of used sporting goods, Capital Sporting Goods helps you do more than just save on the quality equipment you need, we also also help you make the most of equipment that's been outgrown.

For more information on the equipment we have available as well as trade-ins or consignment, please contact us today.